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Spartan Warrior Sewer Jetter

This is how we do it: Spartan Warrior will get the job done. Plugged Pipes is committed to investing in quality equipment.

  • Triplex ceramic plunger pump delivers 4,000 PSI @ 18 GPM
  • 180° pivoting jetter hose reel and controls, with variable speed hydraulic rewind
  • Optional six function wireless remote available for easy one-man operation
  • Electrically controlled pump pulsation for maximum cleaning distance
  • Fully enclosed (and lockable) with soundproofing throughout for the quietest 4,000 PSI trailer jetter in the world - within all OSHA noise standards
  • Tier 4 Final diesel engine meets all US emission standards
  • Dial-A-Pressure engine setting
  • Lockable noise-reducing engine shroud
  • Wash-down gun in lockable holster
  • 300-gallon water tank with integrated baffles allows unit to be towed while full of water
  • Torsion single-axle suspension with electric brakes
  • Full system winterization with antifreeze recirculation
  • Top-mounted amber strobe light for operator safety
  • Pump engagement clutch enables engine to warm up without pump engaged
  • Shut-down protection for low water, low engine oil and high engine temperature
  • Hose rewind guide
  • Manhole hose protection
  • Locking toolbox
  • Marine-grade gauges and battery enclosure
  • Hose and hydrant fill valves included



How To Request Services?

You can call us directly at (414) 588-9110 or At the top of every page we have a service request button and in every service description.


Fill out our descriptive Service Request form with all of your contact information and problem.


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The Plugged Pipes Difference

Our policy is "Get the job done right the first time". We strive to satisfy every customer with all circumstances within our control. We can't control environmental conditions or damages done by previous contractors. We will identify these when possible. We are thorough with all of our projects you entrust us with, and trust you will give us any additional information possible so proper diagnosis are completed in a timely fashion.

Diagnostic services such as camera inspection and pipe locating, while extremely accurate, do have limitations or margin of error. If at any time these limitations present a probability for changing specific outcomes, these will be review with the customer. If at anytime the customer is concerned with or questions a potential, we are happy to explain the procedure so that we are all on the same page!