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Regardless if you are a Property Manager with an angry tenant or a facility manager with an angry owner, Plugged Pipes services the high demand of commercial office and retail space. Plugged Pipes experience with the common and uncommon causes of clogs, aggressive cleaning strategy and equipment makes short work for Property Management Firms and Facility Managers. This unique customer segment has no time for an overflowing toilet or a slow sink, they depend on our response times, thorough solutions, and having the job done right the first time.

The Real Estate Investment industry has found value in pre sale camera inspections for due diligence in acquisitions and lease term ending assessments for higher-risk tenancies such as manufacturing and production, and hospitality. When a REIT is considering a multi-million dollar acquisition, or Single Investor looking for $300,000 investment property, it only makes sense to invest in a peak at what your typical inspections can’t uncover. Collapsed pipes,  corrosion in pipes, poor drainage, and early failure detection are all great reasons for the camera inspection. The benefit to you is money saved;  any of the reasons mentioned will cost money to repair, will cost money if rental revenue is delayed, and will cause other indirect issues as well.

The Plugged Pipes Difference

Our policy is "Get the job done right the first time". We strive to satisfy every customer with all circumstances within our control. We can't control environmental conditions or damages done by previous contractors. We will identify these when possible. We are thorough with all of our projects you entrust us with, and trust you will give us any additional information possible so proper diagnosis are completed in a timely fashion.

Diagnostic services such as camera inspection and pipe locating, while extremely accurate, do have limitations or margin of error. If at any time these limitations present a probability for changing specific outcomes, these will be review with the customer. If at anytime the customer is concerned with or questions a potential, we are happy to explain the procedure so that we are all on the same page!