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Superior Drain Clearing

We call it superior because we see way too many not doing the job they should be. Drain cleaning isn't rocket science, it is an art and like art; we don't always like the artist. Unfortunately cleaning a drain shouldn't be left to another's artist impression. Plugged Pipes goal is one stop - done! As a customer you deserve hard work and effort for the money you spend.

Professional plumbing services often utilize an auger or drain snake to remove stubborn clogs and clear drains. By feeding one of these bladed instruments down your home or building drain openings, should dislodge any clogging material. The material is then cut and forced down the drain or attached to and pulled back up with the auger or snake removal. Sometimes cameras are used to help determine the location of the clog and the best method for its removal.

From jetting service to camera inspections to common snake procedures, Plugged Pipes makes drain cleaning an art of professional quality you deserve.