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Camera Line Inspection


Plugged Pipes believes information is key, and has extensive experience providing competitively priced sewer line home inspections for those in Southeastern Wisconsin’s 7 county area, including Kenosha County, Racine County, Walworth County, Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Ozaukee County, and Washington County.. We use a state of the art high resolution color camera system to accurately assess the condition of the sewer line system. It is just as important to have clean, flowing pipes as it is to know what the problem is. That is why we invest in top of the line video camera equipment to be able to scope out your lines, showing you what the problem is and the best way to address it. We can camera as small as an 1 1/2″ line up to a 36″ line. We offer with a standard push camera which can go 200 feet or we will use our CCTV rover camera system that can go 600 feet. Our cameras also have electronic locators in them allowing us to pinpoint your line and the location of any needed repairs. After a video inspection we can provide you with a DVD or Flash drive copy for your records.

If you’re experiencing the signs of failing water or sewer lines then you need to contact Plugged Pipes Inc. for a thorough inspection. Signs of a corroded or failing sewer line include marshy grass in your yard, water or odors emitting from your drain pipes, and slow drains in your home. A plumber will likely use a video camera-equipped device to inspect the insides of your home’s piping without the need for demolition.

Camera Inspections are beneficial for:

Camera Inspections are beneficial for:

True diagnostics for clogged waste drainage

Absolute certainty of appropriate repair options

Real estate inspections (General home inspections won’t give detail)

Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Inspections

Commercial Real Estate Take Back Inspections

Not sure if a camera inspection is the right thing to do? Contact us and we can work together on an appropriate course of action.


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