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Main Sewer Line Clearing

There are two main types of drains in most buildings; Main Line Drains and the Secondary Drains Main Line – Sewer Line Cleaning or Clearing. Main line sewer clearing can be an art, and an effective way to open your obstructed line. We utilize this get the customer back up and running quickly.

The main sewer line runs from your house or business out to either the city sewer line or to a septic tank. If your shower or tub is backing up and your toilets do not flush, more than likely you have a clogged main line. Additionally, if a gurgling sound is coming from any of your drains that too could indicate a mainline clog. Failure to address a clogged mainline drain can result in thousands of dollars of damage, and could lead to the contraction of illnesses as this type of clog typically results in the backup of sewage and waste water. If you suspect a mainline drain clog in your home or business call Plugged Pipes right away because we have all the right drain cleaning equipment to get your main line flowing like it should in no time. 


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