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Catch Basins & Storm Drains


Parking lots have a tremendous amount of responsibility to your property’s drainage performance. The lot are captures your rainwater, your environmental debris like leaves and soils. The lot also collects your visitors debris that they bring with them such as salts, soils, and other sediments. Don’t forget about the jerks who can’t find a convenient enough trash can and drop their coffee cups, cigarette butts, and many other ridiculous refuse items.

Catch basins, also known as storm drains or curb inlets, are openings for storm drain systems that catch debris and sediments through a grate or sump. Of course, getting sticks, trash, and whatever might be floating down the street in a drainage system is bad news. That’s where catch basins come in: they stop larger sediment from entering the main system, and instead let it settle in the basin’s sump area. The solution for this is to have a vacuum pumper truck suck and clean the inside of the basin out. This should done at a minimum every 24 months to keep them functioning properly.

Plugged Pipes

For proper drainage, catch basins need to be emptied regularly.  Ever driven through a flooded street or parking lot? The usual suspect: a full catch basin.

While situations vary, we recommend you clean your catch basins at least once yearly. Of course, areas with above-average debris accumulation might need more frequent cleaning.

So what happens?

Weak sump flow from a potentially full catch basin. While pumping a catch basin may be required, it may not completely solve the problem. Through a combination of high-pressure water jetting and having your catch basin pumped out, Plugged Pipes will leave the catch basins looking (and working) like new.

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Whether you manage City Hall’s Bathroom, Custodial duties at a Grade School, or 5th floor of the Hospital, there is one specific time you hate your job. Clogs are never convenient, and clients depend on our response times, thorough solutions, and having the job done right the first time.
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Plugged Pipes services the high demand of commercial office and retail space. Plugged Pipes experience with the common and uncommon causes of clogs, aggressive cleaning strategy and equipment makes short work for Property Management Firms and Facility Managers.
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If you have an industrial sewer drain clog it is likely not a small clog and you will need expert commercial sewer drain cleaning services. Plugged Pipes specializes in commercial sewer cleaning. Manufacturing facilities or large industrial properties have high demand for clear drainage.
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The hospitality industry is nearly the most intense demand on drains. There is every aspect of drainage involved, bathroom, kitchen, exterior mains, and storm drainage. Grease trap problems are most common, and it requires a significant attention to detail to solve.
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