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CCTV Camera Inspections


It is often difficult to determine how severe drain damage is and where pipe damage is located without the use of drain inspection cameras. If your home’s subterranean drain pipes have been compromised by intrusion, poor installation, or natural elements, then contacting a trained drain specialist to inspect your pipes is a crucial first step.

We are going to walk you through CCTV drain inspection and outline the cost, time, and environmental benefits so you can decide if drain camera inspection services are right for your needs.

Plugged Pipes can help you find the exact cause of drain damage using CCTV video cameras. Our professional drain company uses equipment vans manufactured by CUES, the standard for closed circuit television video (CCTV) pipe inspection. The robotic, remotely controlled CCTV cameras, supported by high-quality CUES software, are inserted through existing drain entry points in pipes anywhere from 1.5” to 72” in diameter. The thorough self-propelled cameras can even inspect adjacent sewer laterals up to 80 feet.

Once the cameras are inserted, we are able to see a precise picture of your drain pipe’s condition so we can detect any severe damages located inside.

Our CUES cameras use directional lighting capabilities for pipes anywhere from 6” to 48” in diameter to help us identify pipe damage areas. The CCTV inspection process is usually fast, and you’ll have an answer about the repair solutions we suggest in no time.

Using video equipment during preliminary inspections has many benefits to homeowners. Here are some of the reasons why you should go with Plugged Pipes:

Drain repair experts can help homeowners dealing with damaged drain lines identify the most affordable repair solution possible.

There is no digging involved in CCTV drain inspections. This means that plants, shrubs, and other natural elements won’t be affected in the inspection process.

You can ensure that a CCTV inspection will isolate the plumbing issue right away.

In one visit, you can get expert advice on a solution for your pipe and make a plan to fix faulty pipework.

The only way to know what the best solution is for your damaged drain pipe is by contacting Plugged Pipes who can use CCTV video inspection equipment to determine the exact extent of the problem.

We offer CCTV Rover Camera

Of sewer or storm pipes 8 in to 36 in in diameter with a CUES rover recording system. These are for routine inspections or to find a problem and locate it so we know what needs to be done to correct the problem. Our system has the ability to travel 600 feet down the pipe to inspect and record. Reasons for CCTV inspections include:

Pipe cracked or section missing

Offset joints


Deterioration over time

Poor installation

Something bored through the pipe like fiber line or gas line

Severe blockage from roots or debris

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