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Advanced Hydrojetting


Plugged Pipes is equipped with the newest, cutting-edge high pressure water jets to clean the toughest commercial drain lines. Water jetting, or hydro jetting, is the quickest and most reliable method to not just unclog, but fully clean lines that are obstructed by high volumes of grease, sludge, sediment, or tree roots. Traditional cables restore the flow in pipes by basically punching holes through clogs. This is effective for small clogs or single obstructions, but it is not ideal for industrial lines that see heavy traffic. Hydro jets utilize hoses with specific nozzles that direct water at an extremely powerful velocity throughout the walls of pipes. The pipes are scoured clean by this high pressure stream of water, leaving them virtually like new.

There are many benefits to utilizing high pressure water jetting. It is commonly used when a pipe is clogged with grease, has a large soft blockage, flat or bellied lines, tree roots, etc. While it is not recommended to dump grease down the drain even the most diligent cook will have disposed of a significant amount of grease through washing dishes alone. This grease will clump together and eventually cause a clog in your drain line. Many time conventional snaking or rootering are not effective against these types of blockages as the cable will go right through the blockage with out clearing it. That is were the jetter comes into play, high pressure nozzles penetrate the blockage injecting water into the mass and disintegrating it into pieces all the while flushing it on down the line. Jetting can also be very effective as a maintenance tool against root infiltration. The high pressure nozzle can cut roots flush with the inside of the pipe thereby increasing the usable lifespan of a failing line.

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Whether you manage City Hall’s Bathroom, Custodial duties at a Grade School, or 5th floor of the Hospital, there is one specific time you hate your job. Clogs are never convenient, and clients depend on our response times, thorough solutions, and having the job done right the first time.
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Plugged Pipes services the high demand of commercial office and retail space. Plugged Pipes experience with the common and uncommon causes of clogs, aggressive cleaning strategy and equipment makes short work for Property Management Firms and Facility Managers.
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If you have an industrial sewer drain clog it is likely not a small clog and you will need expert commercial sewer drain cleaning services. Plugged Pipes specializes in commercial sewer cleaning. Manufacturing facilities or large industrial properties have high demand for clear drainage.
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The hospitality industry is nearly the most intense demand on drains. There is every aspect of drainage involved, bathroom, kitchen, exterior mains, and storm drainage. Grease trap problems are most common, and it requires a significant attention to detail to solve.
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