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The hospitality industry is nearly the most intense demand on drains. There is every aspect of drainage involved, bathroom, kitchen, exterior mains, and storm drainage. Grease trap problems are most common, and it requires a significant attention to detail to solve. The hospitality industry requires profession drain cleaning to an entirely different level. Timely response, clean, courteous, and efficient. 

Drain cleaning should not be a reactive item, proactive Restaurant owners enjoy the peace of mind knowing they aren’t one clog from a disaster. It’s essential that those in the hospitality industry understand why drains clog and implement regular cleaning services by a professional drain cleaner. Clogged drains can cause the shutdown of a bar or restaurant, which equates to a loss in revenue along with a likely expensive repair.

Are you considering purchasing or leasing a new restaurant or bar? Have you considered what condition your future endeavor’s drain system is in?  A due diligence main line sewer and grease line camera inspection is recommended. Don’t turn your money maker into a bank breaker.

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