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About Plugged Pipes & Company History

After many years in the corporate world, Michael Hood has always seen himself being the entrepreneur and at times "the jack of all trades". Mike, as his friends know him, had a vision, a service market that was not "plugged" so to speak. Residential and Commercial drain cleaning, as well general plumbing repair service was seen as his opportunity to dive into owning his own business.

The Residential and Commercial drain cleaning business offered opportunity for growth, working with people, solving problems, and the pride of ownership. This segment of the plumbing service industry has many franchise opportunities, but Mike wanted his own home grown business. No fees, no restrictions, and no one closely scrutinizing how he goes to work. His vision includes satisfied customers, at a small business price. This comes from lower overhead, and fiscally responsible business practices.

Plugged Pipes, founded in 2015, has aggressively and proudly serviced Southeastern Wisconsin's 7 county area, including Kenosha County, Racine County, Walworth County, Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Ozaukee County, and Washington County. No Emergency To Small, No Emergency To Large, and NO EMERGENCY SERVICE FEES! Plugged Pipes was formed as an LLC originally and changed to S-Corp in 2016. Plugged Pipes' growth was sparked by a few local owned Plumbing contractor subcontracting this specialized drain cleaning service to the capable hands of Mike and his crew. 



How To Request Services?

You can call us directly at (414) 588-9110 or At the top of every page we have a service request button and in every service description.


Fill out our descriptive Service Request form with all of your contact information and problem.


If you completed the form you can call us directly at (414) 588-9110 as well to provide more information or get more details on the service.

The Plugged Pipes Difference

Our policy is "Get the job done right the first time". We strive to satisfy every customer with all circumstances within our control. We can't control environmental conditions or damages done by previous contractors. We will identify these when possible. We are thorough with all of our projects you entrust us with, and trust you will give us any additional information possible so proper diagnosis are completed in a timely fashion.

Diagnostic services such as camera inspection and pipe locating, while extremely accurate, do have limitations or margin of error. If at any time these limitations present a probability for changing specific outcomes, these will be review with the customer. If at anytime the customer is concerned with or questions a potential, we are happy to explain the procedure so that we are all on the same page!